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9 Benefits of Being Active That Will Get You Off The Couch

  Hiking the Kauri Grove Walkway in New Zealand

Hiking the Kauri Grove Walkway in New Zealand

Physical Activity can go a long way in keeping you healthy. Some exercise is better than none, but more is better than less. Even just going on a 30 minute walk can make a huge different in your life. Here’s a list of a few good reasons to get off that couch, and get moving!

1. It is good for your heart: Exercising increases blood flow while decreasing blood pressure in your body, hence improving heart muscle functions. Being active decreases High Blood Pressure levels, which in turn reduces the chances of developing blood clots.

2. Exercising helps weight loss: Along with a proper and sustainable diet, exercising helps you lose weight and helps you keep the weight off. Be consistent, regular, and accountable and you will achieve the results you desire.

3. Exercising helps your bones: That’s right, exercising (walking, running, weight lifting, etc) helps build strong bones and can prevent osteoporosis.

4. De-stress: We can counter stress and depression through exercise. It is a good diversion in that it improves your self esteem. The increased core temperature in your body during a workout leads to reduced muscle tension and alteration in your brain’s neuro transmitters which leads to the release of endorphins. Endorphins can affect your mood and anxiety levels.

5. Brain health: Research has shown that working out stimulates the brain in persons of all ages. The enhancement of blood flow to the brain, which provides oxygen and nutrient supply to all cells in your body, can possibly reduce the chance of strokes. It also shows to improve reasoning and memory.

6. Build a strong immune system through exercise: People who exercise are 23% less likely to get a cold than people who don’t exercise. Working out spikes your immune system for a few hours each day helping to ward off colds. Exercise causes an increase in your body’s energy.

7. Anti aging effects through exercise: The biggest threat to health is not the aging process itself, but rather inactivity. Through activity, you will increase your lung capacity and function, brain activity, increased muscle size and muscle function, increased joint structure and function, reduced body fat, reduced risk of chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and arthritis.

8. Exercising improves sleeping patterns: As you engage in physical activity, your body releases into your system its own painkillers, the endorphins. They help you gain a sense of emotional well-being which promotes better quality of sleep.

9. Improves sex!  #yourewelcome

"One who wants to do something, will find a way. One who doesn't, will find and excuse" - Confucius

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