Kamy Bruder
Actor - Stunt Actor - Fight Choreographer


I starting working with Kamy last summer at Breathe where I was client struggling with substance abuse and an eating disorder. Previous to meeting Kamy I was in so much pain and was unable to see any good in my life. I hadn't exercised consistently in 7 years. I was over weight, defeated and beaten up. My time with Kamy while I was in treatment had to be the most precious time I have ever experienced with a professional outside of my comfort zone. He not only showed me how to exercise and work out, he taught me a lifestyle. He taught me how to have patience with myself. He taught me how to honor my journey and to love myself from the inside, out. He never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable. His compassion was beyond anything I ever felt. There was not one moment during our time together that I felt that I could not do what he was showing me. He made everything seem so simple. He changed my whole perception on working out and showed me how to be gentle with myself. For me, he showed up as a miracle and as light that guided me out of the darkness I couldn't see out of. I trusted him whole heartedly and would recommend his services to anyone looking not only for a person that can help you in your physical journey but also on your mental and spiritual journey. He has a way about him that is so blossomed in love and wisdom that when you work with him he has the ability to help you blossom into the person you always wanted to be in your heart.

A. Bilardo. Owner. Antonia Maria Foundation. Non Profit Organization. 

Kamy's intuitive nature is only one reason why this guy is the best at his work. Well balanced, perceptive, understanding, kind, are other words that come to mind quickly. This guy will change your life and bring out the Wellness qualities inside you. I totally recommend Kamy to anyone looking to achieve those difficult goals whether it is weight loss, a new training program or just a lifestyle change plan. He is quick to understand what is needed and works very hard to achieve the goal at hand.

C. RooneyBayleys Residential Real Estate. Auckland, New Zealand. 

I have known Kamy for many years now and I highly recommend you use his services. I work in television and spend a lot of time sitting during the day. Kamy helps me stay healthy and I regularly use his services; not only in Los Angeles, but also while I am traveling. Kamy even came with me to help me prepare for an important show I had in Northern California. Where else can you do one-stop shopping to heal your mind, body AND spirit?  Only with Kamy. He's reliable, knowledgeable, and if you are looking to make a change in your life, he's the guy you need.

M. Orland. Musical Director, American Idol

I work in Live television that is very demanding and challenging. Stress levels and performance anxiety are very high for me. Kamy challenges me daily to be better. His wellness principles are profound and he has shared with me the most invaluable knowledge. He has given me the tools I need to reach my goals, and when I am facing a difficult situation, I now better understand how to make the right choice. Along with his knowledge of fitness and nutrition, he is an expert therapist. I run multiple marathons every year and I can always rely on him to help me regroup swiftly so that I can rapidly resume training. I feel I have an advantage over others because I have Kamy in my corner whenever I need him for whatever challenges I face.

D. Banowetz. Celebrity Stylist, Lead Stylist, American Idol, X Factor, Rising Star

All my life I've always had a bad image of personal trainers; that they were all mean and aggressive and would not understand my pain. Until I met Kamy. He is the complete opposite, he's very kind and motivating. Kamy has a wide variety of experience in fitness and wellness. I definitely don't look at him as just a trainer but as family. He provided me with a toolbox of workouts and information for me to do on my own. Kamy is an important piece to my journey to be well and fit. Thank you.

Jose C. Living in Texas.

Kamy has been my wellness advisor for just over a year now. In the Television Production Industry, I work long hours, eat most meals out, and rarely find / make time to go to the gym. With Kamy's guidance, I have truly transformed my health by simply making more conscious and informed decisions about what I am putting into my body, and making consistent efforts to keep myself active, with something a simple as a 10-15 minute workout in my living room, a weekend hike, or a 3 minute workout at my desk. Over the past year, I have gone from 160 to 125 lbs without any drastic diets or extreme workout regimens, and I owe all of it to Kamy's knowledge, motivation, teachings, and a bit of effort. He also gives the best deep tissue sessions, and truly knows how to work out the stress and kinks from sitting at a computer 50+ hours a week. "Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live." 

R. Smith. Freelance Producer, Reality TV 

Kamy is one of the best PT guys in the business, he has helped me increase my range of motion in my golf swing, thus increasing my distance by 25 yards. I am getting more ease and power each round that I play... thanks Kamy!

B. Roberts. Horsepower Golf

Kamy is a terrific adviser, traveling to LA from the east coast is not easy on the body. When I get there and before I leave I have Kamy do his 2 hour deep tissue therapy session. It has really kept me and my back in good shape; I just wish he were in my hometown so I could use him weekly. Do not pass up a opportunity to have Kamy work on you, your body will appreciate it!  

B. Walsh. Philadelphia PA

I’ve been getting therapy sessions from Kamy for over six years now, and I look forward to every session as if it were my first.  His bodywork helps me cope with stress, fatigue and insomnia.  He is super-reliable, strong, focused and intuitive, and I always end up feeling relaxed and grateful.  He has helped me heal after a shoulder surgery, as well as after the occasional injury.  On top of his strong technique, he is one of the friendliest guys I have ever met, and he is eager to share his perspective whenever we talk.  I recommend him without reservation.

E. Olson. Los Angeles CA

Kamy is a truly gifted adviser. I was amazed by his strength, technique, and intuitive abilities. I am so glad I found my way to his table. He is very professional, takes the time to get to know you and your lifestyle and then offers exactly the right kind of service you need. I've had sessions with him where I almost cried and others that were relaxing bliss. If you are looking for professional, healing bodywork, then Kamy is your man.

GQ Art Dealer. Los Angeles CA